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Femocel is a herbal Tonic which is beneficial for woman health.
Direction of use:
Take 15 ml twice Daily Before Breakfast & before Dinner or as directed by your physician.
• Femocel helps maintain healthy energy levels in women.
• Helps in purifying the impurities of the blood.
• It helps in eliminating the problems of hormonal disorder.
• It maintains physical and mental energy.
• It increases immunity.
• It helps a lot in the pain caused by correcting irregular menstruation.
• It makes the skin of women shiny.
• Beneficial in urine infection
• Beneficial in vaginal infection
• Removes anxiety, tension, irritability.
• Helps in pregnancy by removing sterility.
• Helpful in female sexual health.
• Considered to have rejuvenating properties.
• Tonics the uterus and supports the reproductive system of women.
• Used for galactagogue of women and to keep women healthy. 

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